Vladimir Novick

Software Architect, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Israel

Software Architect, Independent consultant, worldwide speaker, published author, teacher of several workshops and courses. I bring years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis I work in Web, Mobile, VR/AR, Blockchain, IoT and AI fields both for customers and on personal projects. I like to be involved in interesting projects using latest technology so if you you want my consultation or involvement in your project there are bunch of social channels below, you can reach me.

I work remotely, however I'm also available for on-site workshops or consultation, so if you feel like you want to level up your team knowledge, feel free to reach out.

  • Work
    • Software Architect, Consultant
  • Education
    • University of California, San Diego
    • Michigan State University
    • California Institute of the Arts
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